These documents provide a basic comparison of funding decisions -- comparing one year's appropriation level to the next. The first table compares aggregate appropriations of entire subcommittees, which encompass up to 20 agencies each. Subsequent tables compare appropriations to each agency within a subcommittee. Click here to find which subcommittees contain which agencies and in which subcommittee a specific agency's appropriation can be found.

Note that the data refers only to appropriation of state funds; it does not reflect actual amounts spent, nor does it reflect other funds that are budgeted (federal grant funds, local contributions to public schools, revolving funds derived from fees, etc.). Statewide, only about half of the total funds spent by the state's 123 agencies are appropriated. The balance are federal funds or revolving funds.

A supplemental appropriation can distort analysis of budget trends. The appropriation comparison contained in Table 1 of this series does not include supplemental appropriations made during the fiscal year for that fiscal year's operations. To get a picture on how the legislature appropriated funding during a session, supplemental funding and funding for the upcoming year should be added together. When comparing an agency's funding from one year to the next, supplemental funding should be included in the fiscal year for which it was appropriated (supplementals made in the 1996 session are for FY'96).


[FY'97 Report]

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