• DATE:
  • TIME:
  • First Meeting
  • Monday, February 12, 2018
  • After Session
  • Room 230, State Capitol Building
  • SB 1050 By Paxton of the Senate
    • Insurance agents; amending definition of insurance agent; repealing Oklahoma Life, Accident and Health Brokers Act. Effective date.
  • SB 1101 By Sparks of the Senate
    • Insurance; creating the Insurance Business Transfer Act; providing for codification. Effective date.
  • SB 1142 By Quinn of the Senate
    • Service warranties; amending the Service Warranty Act; modifying certain financial statements. Effective date.
  • SB 1156 By Quinn of the Senate
    • Travel insurance; creating the Travel Insurance Act; establishing procedures. Effective date.
  • SB 1162 By David of the Senate
    • Insurance; repealing the Oklahoma Individual Health Insurance Market Stabilization Act. Emergency.
  • SB 1169 By Scott of the Senate
    • Vehicle insurance; requiring certain notice to Department of Public Safety; utilization of online verification system. Effective date.
  • SB 1296 By Sparks of the Senate
    • Insurance; modifying investment of certain prepaid funeral service funds. Effective date.
  • SB 1321 By Quinn of the Senate and Moore of the House
    • Motor vehicle insurance; expanding definition of uninsured motor vehicle; specifying time of payment of certain damages. Effective date.
  • SB 1348 By David of the Senate
    • State government; establishing certain filing requirement relating to insurance and benefits. Effective date.
  • SB 1485 By Brown of the Senate
    • Insurance; Omnibus. Effective date.
    • Other Business
  • Senator Bill Brown, Chair
  • Senator Marty Quinn, Vice-Chair
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