• DATE:
  • TIME:
  • Second Meeting
  • Tuesday, February 12, 2019
  • After Session
  • Room 419-C, State Capitol Building
  • The following executive nominations are to be considered for approval:
    • Timothy J. Gatz, El Reno, as Cabinet Secretary of Transportation, to serve at the pleasure of the Governor, a new position. (Paxton)
  • SB 250 By Bice of the Senate
    • Special license plates; creating the Combat Action Badge Recipient license plate. Effective date.
  • SB 294 By Dossett of the Senate
    • Motor vehicles; allowing for certain vehicles to not participate in federal identification system. Effective Date.
  • SB 338 By Standridge of the Senate and Conley of the House
    • Memorial highways; designating the Lt. Heath Meyer Memorial Highway. Effective date.
  • SB 378 By Standridge of the Senate (Proposed Comm. Sub., req. #1856)
    • Motor vehicles; requiring certain report to be made available electronically. Effective date.
  • SB 610 By Bergstrom of the Senate and Frix of the House
    • Motor vehicles; allowing certain requirement for commercial driver license testing. Effective date.
  • SB 687 By Allen of the Senate
    • Motor vehicles; transferring certain duties from the Corporation Commission to the Department of Public Safety. Effective date. Emergency.
  • SB 691 By Allen of the Senate
    • Vehicle weight and load; clarifying weight load and penalties for certain overweight vehicles. Effective date. Emergency.
  • SB 824 By David of the Senate
    • State Highways; providing for certain economic impact study before highway projects proceed. Effective date. Emergency.
  • Other Business.
  • Senator Rob Standridge, Chair
  • Senator Micheal Bergstrom, Vice Chair
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