• DATE:
  • TIME:
  • First Meeting
  • Monday, February 11, 2019
  • 10:00AM
  • Room 419-C, State Capitol Building
  • Certified Nonfiscal Retirement and Insurance
    • SB 500 By Quinn of the Senate
      • Insurance; requiring insurer to allow insured to designate beneficiary for certain funds. Effective date.
    • SB 508 By Newhouse of the Senate
      • Insurance; requiring health insurers to respond to certain appeals of denied claims. Effective date.
    • SB 704 By Smalley of the Senate
      • Insurance; requiring certain coverage for living organ donors; requiring Insurance Commissioner to promulgate rules. Effective date.
    • SB 772 By Pugh of the Senate
      • Teacher retirement; updating references; deleting obsolete language; authorizing Board to hire actuarial firm. Effective date. Emergency.
    • SB 889 By Montgomery of the Senate
      • Oklahoma State Employees Retirement System; modifying sum deposited into certain state employee retirement plan funds. Effective date.
    • Certified Fiscal Retirement
      • Pursuant to subsection B of Section 3107 of Title 63 of the Oklahoma Pension Legislation Actuarial Analysis Act, a vote shall be taken to determine whether or not to send the certified fiscal agenda items to the Legislative Actuary for an actuarial investigation.
      • None
    • Other Business.
    • Senator Marty Quinn, Chair
    • Senator Ron Sharp, Vice-Chair
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