• DATE:
  • TIME:
  • Second Meeting
  • TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2018
  • 10:00 a.m.
  • Room 419-C, State Capitol Building
  • SB 968 By Daniels of the Senate
    • Oklahoma Pleading Code; modifying requirements for certain claims and averments. Effective date.
  • SB 1067 By Griffin of the Senate
    • Drug courts; requiring certification and review of certain treatment providers. Effective date.
  • SB 1118 By Yen of the Senate
    • Medical liens; modifying requirement for contents of notice for certain liens. Effective date.
  • SB 1136 By Daniels of the Senate
    • Product liability; modifying requirements for certain actions. Effective date.
  • SB 1264 By Dahm of the Senate
    • Counties and county officers; modifying provisions related to suits or proceedings by or against a county. Effective date.
  • SB 1274 By Dahm of the Senate
    • Electronic data; prohibiting obtaining certain data without a search warrant. Effective date.
  • SB 1298 By Pemberton of the Senate and Frix of the House
    • Child custody; requiring certain written findings; clarifying right of appeal. Effective date.
  • SB 1464 By Sykes of the Senate
    • Post-Conviction Procedure Act; authorizing use of forensic evidence to institute certain proceedings. Effective date.
  • SB 1503 By Sparks of the Senate
    • Oklahoma Pleading Code; amended and supplemental pleadings; increasing time period permissible for certain response. Effective date.
  • SB 1550 By Sykes of the Senate
    • Oklahoma Evidence Code; authorizing motion for post adjudication evidentiary hearing to present certain evidence. Effective date.
  • SB 1567 By Sykes of the Senate
    • Capital cases; establishing persons competent to prosecute certain cases. Effective date.
    • Other Business.
  • Anthony Sykes, Chair
  • Nathan Dahm, Vice Chair
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