• DATE:
  • TIME:
  • First Meeting
  • Monday, February 12, 2018
  • 10:30 a.m.
  • Room 230, State Capitol Building
  • SB 898 By Thompson of the Senate
    • Public meetings; modifying provisions relating to certain discussion regarding penal institutions. Emergency.
  • SB 1013 By Brecheen of the Senate
    • State Auditor and Inspector; establishing certain accounting practices. Emergency.
  • SB 1044 By Fry of the Senate
    • Counties and county officers; establishing procedures for purchase of certain construction services. Effective date..
  • SB 1110 By Brecheen of the Senate
    • State government; modifying purpose of certain advisory committee under state purchasing act. Effective date.
  • SB 1261 By Dahm of the Senate
    • State capitol and capitol buildings; repealing certain provisions related to Centennial County Courthouses. Effective date.
  • SB 1263 By Dahm of the Senate
    • Oklahoma Open Meeting Act; modifying requirements for virtual charter schools. Effective date. Emergency.
  • SB 1314 By Brecheen of the Senate
    • Oklahoma Central Purchasing Act; establishing certain reporting requirements. Effective date.
  • SB 1364 By Kidd of the Senate
    • Counties and county officers; modifying procedures for sale of certain property. Effective date.
  • SB 1465 By Leewright of the Senate
    • Environment and natural resources; restricting issuance of certain ordinances. Emergency.
  • SB 1472 By Bergstrom of the Senate
    • Public buildings and public works; modifying language relating to certain types of construction. Effective date.
  • SB 1547 By David of the Senate
    • Appraisals; modifying required training for accreditation; modifying funding procedures. Effective date. Emergency.
    • Other Business.
  • Senator Nathan Dahm, Chair
  • Senator David Holt, Vice Chair
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